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AOK Marketing has been serving the online marketing community for more than 9 years. We have un-rivaled expertise and success rates using our proprietary techniques that makes us one of the best New York has to offer.? Our client’s websites rank for the toughest searches out there in some of the largest cities including the SEO service Toronto is raving about.SEO allows you the opportunity to:
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We like the big projects... the tough nuts to crack. If your marketplace is highly competitive, and there is a lot of money to be made the odds are good you’re up against some of the best. You need help to get in touch with your audience and drive conversions.We are the help you need. Get started today with our free audit so you know exactly where you stand.



117 Million More Pageviews From SEO

How We Grew Traffic By 60% Year Over Year In A Down Market

For one of our clients headquartered in New York, we actually increased traffic by 117,453,081 pageviews from March 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018 versus the same period in the previous year.And without us, traffic would have dropped in the same period.How do we know that?? We used a 3rd party tool called SemRush to look at patterns and trends based on ranking data.? The service monitors keywords and provides traffic estimates based on ranking positions.? It’s extremely helpful because the data is based on rankings, which is the driving force in organic traffic.It gives us eyes into the industry to compare how sites are responding to algorithm updates and changes.? Overall, it creates a usable baseline of what’s happening within the industry.We compared ranking data from February (the month before we started) through the end of September to give us a visual snapshot.Here's what we found (Traffic Metrics Based on CTR and Ranking Positions): Our Customer 31.3% INCREASE Competitor #1 -13.4% DECREASE Competitor #2 -13.0 DECREASE Competitor #3-18.7% DECREASE Competitor #4 -11.0% DECREASE Competitor #5 -4.4% DECREASEEvery single competitor in this space saw significant losses during this time period.? This means that the rankings have slipped for all competitors.We all know that 3rd party tools are notoriously inaccurate, and ranking data can be WAY off.? So we looked into the actual ranking data in Google Analytics to verify our SEO results, and here’s what we found:When comparing February to September, we discover that pageviews have grown from 46 million to 54 million.? That’s some good growth!But to be fair, that’s not really apples to apples.? February and September are very different months, so we then compared September 2017 with September 2018.? This comparison we’re up 56% with 54 million monthly pageviews in 2018 versus 35 million monthly pageviews just 12 months ago.So what about year over year growth?? Taking a look at March to September, year over year, we quickly discovered our 117,453,081 pageview increase.To say our client is happy is an understatement!GET STARTEDSo how did we do it?

Current Status

To understand the best Search Engine Optimization opportunities, we must first understand the current ranking trends, traffic assessments, and overall scope.

Pattern Analysis of Current Rankings

We identified all the known keywords phrases ranking in the top 100 results of Google.? As this is a larger site, we performed a trend analysis on top traffic keywords to identify patterns, understand current incoming traffic, and to find the best SEO opportunities.We then divided those results by top traffic keywords, by performing a custom analysis, we were able to categorically organize page one rankings into groups.? These categories help us understand topically which groups were under-performing and also which groups are provide the best ranking opportunities and emphasis.

Competitor Analysis Comparison

Nothing happens in a vacuum.? Understanding how competitors rank and what keywords they rank for can helped us expand the search traffic possibilities.? We analyzed the top competing sites to identify new potential ranking opportunities.???? There were literally millions of known keywords that competitors were ranking for that our customer was NOT ranking for at all.

Cross Comparison of Competitors Keywords

We compared multiple relevant competitors against each other isolating common keywords that our client should be ranking for.? This was a huge area of growth potential.

Custom Bot Development and Page Analysis

Via custom crawlers and proprietary page analysis, we identified pages that can target additional keywords.? This keyword expansion can dramatically increase traffic by ranking existing pages for more in-depth search phrases that are an exact match to the content.

Lost Rankings Analysis

Click studies show that sites get minimal clicks for keywords ranked on page 2 or beyond.? We consider these keywords as “lost or buried,” as they don’t generate any real traffic.? We ran a detailed analysis across millions of keywords to create a chart based on our analysis of traffic opportunities for keywords lost on page 2+.??? There were 1,295,545,558 monthly searches being performed for search phrases that are buried for our client.

AOK’s Proprietary, Exclusive SEO Technology & Software

Now that we know how our client ranks, how their competitors rank, and why, we utilized our proprietary software that we’ve invested more than $300,000 into to help our client rank in a very competitive industry.? How can we help you?GET STARTEDGet in touch with us today.? We'd be happy to give you a free consultation.

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For the past two years the team at AOK have been great partners. Their ongoing support has enabled a new line of business to grow from zero to millions a dollars in revenue.

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AOK’s knowledge of products, markets and branding expertise are unparalled and have made a definite impact on our business.

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I was blown away with the results we saw nearly immediately and then the double-digital conversion ?rates we were achieving after just two weeks!

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